Monday, May 7, 2012

Yes party of three

I know it's been months since I blogged. So I failed. My short term goals! Going to the gym?? FAIL! Paying off debts, working on it. House... Half clean. Books, reading more than one at the same time. Mood...fuck you.

Today is my birthday and I can bitch if I want to :P

I have issues. Brian has been gone over a month now. This one has been harder than the others. No communication. I feel more alone right now than ive ever been before. Regardless of the support I do have and the friends here I have. I feel lacking in many things but mostly within myself.

One of the hardest things I've done is realize its time to ask for help. Now if said help will improves the slump I'm in ......we'll see.

Cleaning house is never ending... They are coming...they are coming.

Started Riley on meds. But I think I need them more than him. :)

Biggest annoyance today. Went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I tell the host party of three. Waitress takes us to table. "Just the three of you?"
Yes yes just us, cause why would I say party of three if isnt just us three!!! What!? Youve never seen a mom take her kids out with no dad?!? Is there a memo i didn't get??! Thanks for reminding me we're missing a member of our family. Bitch....

Lastest read: Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane. It's dark, paranormal, futuristic, sex and Violence!!! I LOVE this series!!!!! Couldn't stop reading. Read on 4 books in two days. If you like Ilona Andrews series you will like this one.

Here is also a pic of the mothers day cards I made for the moms in my life.