Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm out of beer....

I have been suffering a Riley tantrum at least once everyday for over a week. I've already decided to go ahead and start medicating him for ADHD. But if this behavior keeps up, I'll be the one who needs to be medicated! Cause drinking a beer..or two then going to bed isn't cutting it plus I'm out and keep forgetting to buy more LOL. My husband should be home by the end of the week but to be honest it's not going to help with Riley's behavior. If anything it'll get worse because my husband doesn't like to fight with Riley and gives in to his demands. So then I'm fighting them both and getting no headway. At least I'll get some girl time in when Brian gets home. Hope the weather gets warmer so I can get back on my pouch and chill. Yes I am a glorified porch monkey. :)

I've stocked up in a bunch of books but now the urge to read is fading...time to craft! And by craft i mean im going to make some Valentines Day cards this weekend. Something I can get the kids involved in for at least a short time. Maybe I'll make some heart chocolates too.

I've been accused of having Mr. Darcy syndrome. Meaning I have no social skills with new people and have a hard time finding things to say. I don't know how to act. Im not shy by all means but I just don't do well with people I don't know and importantly trust. So I put a post on a FB Fort Bragg Wife page inviting people over to make valentines. See this is me trying to reach out and make friends. Now if I can follow thru and keep them is the real goal. I try so it's something.

Work out goals have been a fail...maybe when things calm down with Riley.

New goals this week-
Work out once this week???
File taxes
Clean garage
Organized closests
Remember to go to DeStress class on Friday
Prepare for making Valentines
Pray for more patience ..I have more than some but I'm reaching my limit.....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glitter FAIL

I admit it....I'm totally addicted to More so than Facebook! I pin everything that catches my eye, all great ideas, decor stuff and most importantly DIY crafts! One of the first things I pinned was a DIY ecofriendly glitter. The directions call for 1/4 cup salt, 1/2 teaspoon food coloring, mix and spread onto foil lined baking sheet. Bake at 350 for ten minutes.

My results was what looks like colored sand. So I tried baking for another 10 minutes. No change. So I thought maybe it has to cool. No change. Then I tried using sea salt which is alittle thicker and bigger in size. It looks better but no shinny glitter! So either this is a complete fail or the picture used with this recipe is an extreme case of false advertisement.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valentine Decor on a Budget.

I am I am one of those people who put up decorations for every holiday and season. But I am also one of those people on a budget. But a tight budget plan doesnt have to put a damper on your holiday fun. Less is more I always say and keeping things simple...stupid. :) I do subtle touchs in my house, all which you can do for about $20.

Window Clings: I usually have them on my living room, kitchen windows AND I put them on my bathroom mirrors.

Hand Towels/Kitchen Towels: Hanging in your bathroom, hanging from you oven. Adds alittle flare to each room.

Welcome sign/wreath: I always have something hanging from my door.

Kids Projects: I make items with my kids or use items they made at school. I hang them up year after year.

The rest I pick up over the years when they go 75% off. Little knick knacks on your end table/book shelves ect. I like to have something on the top of my book shelfs. It would be safe to say that 90% of my holiday decor was bought when they are 60%-90% off. Some items I pick up before the clearance but using a coupon. Lately Ive noticed with stores like Hobby Lobby that if you find something you really like, you better buy it ASAP or it'll be gone long before it evens gets to 50% off.

This year I was NOT impressed with the selection of Valentines Day decor items at Hobby Lobby and other places. Which started my build my own decor phase. Something Im going to extend thru out the year...hopfully. Today I used the chip board XOXO I bought earlier at Hobby Lobby for $2 a piece. I traced the letters onto red and white glitter paper, cut out and glued on. I then added punch out hearts and ribbon. A very cute decor item for the top of my book shelf that probably costed me about $12.

Next I found on how to make heart shaped paper chain. Very cute and looks really simple to do but the instructions were in a different language.

So here is MY instructions in english:

Cardstock cut 1inX6in for bigger hearts increase size
Fold each strip in half using bone folder or pencil.
Staple at fold, then bend strips down. You'll find that your paper wont bend so softly so I used a smooth surfaced pencil/pen to bend the paper in a curl.
Bend ends down and meet together, bring to inside of next piece fold, staple. Then repeat.

I made today a heart using the heart chain. I made a chain with 15 hearts per side. I stapled the end together. Then I made an extra heart for middle and glued dot the ends to the extra heart. I added the ribbon with the heart in the center to help with it weight to keep the shape.

I also melted crayons today into heart molds. I didnt make as many as I wanted for my son's class. I would really love to make chocolate suckers for them but we are not allowed to "make" them treats. It all has to be prepackaged. Cant say I blaim the school for that rule.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Recipe Inspirations

I have been cooking for over 8 years now and I have reach a spunk where I'm making the same things week after week. One day as I was grocery shopping I came across in the spices section little tablets with a recipe and the spices needed to cook it. All you needed to do was grab the meat/wet ingredients. These are called Recipe Inspiration by McCormick. These have really helped spice up our dinner routine with new quick and easy recipes. Our all time favorite was the Quesadilla Casserole. What's super cool about them is the recipe pulls right off in the back so I only have to buy each one once. My goal this year is to make a new recipe every week. This week was Spanish Chicken Skillet. It was ok but not something I think I make again.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Use what you have..Make it work!

I am on a mission this year to make my own holiday decor myself and cheaply! I went to Michaels today with my mom. They still had quite a collection of Christmas stuff on clearance. As I was searching thru the piles I came across a large white destressed picture frame for 75% off!! I planning on using it for a St Patricks decor item. Still throwing some ideas for that. I also picked at Hobby Lobby thick chip board XOXOs. Sometime this week before my mon leaves we're going to decorate them somehow.

Today I was browsing Pinterest for ideas and came across a pin of a heart made out of Legos. I showed it to my son Donovan who is a huge Lego fan. I asked him if he could make me one or to help me make one. His response was "You don't know how to make that!" I could never turn away from a challenge. I think I did a good job. Donny made no comment after I showed him and yelled "In your face!!" I think watching all these kids shows are running off on me LOL. If you never heard of the "Regular Show" on Cartoon Network, you need to check it out.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cat Hair and Tantrums

The past couple days I have been dealing with an extreme case of separation anxiety with my son Riley. Don't feel like going into details but lots of crying screaming and clinging. I don't know what's harder listening to your son scream "Don't leave me!!" or trying to not sure it's affecting you and walking away. Let's just say yesterday I cried and a took a long nap. By the time he adjusts to Daddy being gone he'll be home again. Then it'll start all over again when the big "D" comes. Sighhhhhhhhh

Today I am doing last detail cleaning for my moms arrival tomorrow. Which includes vaccuuming up all the blasted cat hair. I'm thinking of washing my curtains because it's literally caked on them. But now that I got the Fermanator I've noticed it's not as bad anymore. If you have a pet who sheds I highly recommend getting this brush, worth every penny!

Another problem I run into when my husband is gone is dinner time. I hate making big meals since one I hate left overs and two I have the pickiest eater in my 8 year old son. I always assumed he out grow this but alas NO!! Last night he said to me over turkey sandwiches and rowmen noddles "Why can't we eat what I like?" and I replied "Because you don't like anything and I'm sick of pizza and breakfast foods". I swear the next time he complains about dinner I'm signing us up to volunteer in a soup kitchen or something along feeding the needy.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Now to face Reality...

As an Army Wife, sometimes its easier to live life in my own little fantasy world. Where I have all the time in the world. Where I have no worries, no stress and all the help I can get from my husband. Then reality comes flying by slapping me in the face. I know the big "D" is coming and coming soon. But stressing over it doesnt make life easier. So I live in my fantasy world and dont think about..the big "D". Probably not the healthiest thing to do but it helps me get thru.

My husband announced at dinner a couple nights ago that when he gets back from his month long training(which he has already lefted for) that they may be getting a block leave before the big "D". Block leaving meaning he gets some of his 30 days leave which he only gets when the Army approves it. Which is usually 2 weeks in summer and 2 weeks around Christmas. So that being said it brought several things to my mind at once.

1. Set aside money to go home to MI
2. Set aside money for new tires on car
3. Start big "D" check list
so on so on so on ect ect ect....

There goes the bulk of our tax return money. My goal was to pay off one credit card bill with tax money so i can begin the snow ball effect. Then it dawned on me how little time i have now...Panic attack!!!!

When I feel anxious or having a full on panic attack I do one of two things. Marathon read or manic cleaning. I manage to do both these last couple of days. Ill try to update all the books I read on my goodreads tomorrow.

Ive been trying to take a break and calm down but Im still very anxious. To the point that whenever my kids are around me I start to shake and have to remove myself or them from the room. I try my damnest to not take my stress out on them. Note another reason I am not quiting smoking for some time. Hopfully my mind will have switched into depolyment mood by the time my mom arrives on Wed for a week long stay. It will definitly help having her here. Hardest part if the day is night time. Its easy to put yourself in a state of mind during the day that their just gone at work. But when night time feel like your waiting and waiting and waiting. I found with past big "D"s to start a bed time routine to help with going to bed at night. This will be my 1st big "D" away from home staying on post in my own house. GUess this month will be the test on how I will manage.

After cleaning the upstairs I was still feeling wound up so I started a project similar to something I saw on Its a 12X12 scrapbook page picture frame and a bunch of bottle caps ive collected over the years. I was going to make it all red Coke caps or all PBR caps but decided I like the multi color look better.
I also made a homemade pizza with Fleischmann's Pizza Crust Yeast- which is super easy and ohhh so yummy.
AND I started putting up Valentimes Day decor. Every holiday I put up cards for said holiday along with crafts my boys make on my line in my kitchen.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blah Blah Blah

I have felt totally BLAH the last couple days. Maybe it's because of the fact I haven't indulged myself with my usual energy drink the Blue Monster. Aka Lana's sanity drink or better know as let's clean house drink. Add to the fact that there isn't a single drop of pop in the house too. My only source of caffeine is coffee. I wasn't planning on quiting but since I'm on day 2 let's keep this ball rolling.
Paying my bills today concretes the plan. As I cringed and teared up over the checks I wrote out. I reminded myself that it was time to get out of debt! So I'm pulling out my Dave Ramsey University handbook and getting to work.

Step one in MY baby steps is to cut out unnessissary purchases. 1st being monsters. Cigarettes will eventually go but that's way down the road.
2nd is and it brings me much sorrow to say. I'm letting my Stampin' Up addiction go. No more being a demo and sadly sniff sniff no more buying any. SIGH!!
3rd cutting eating out to a $35 budget per pay period. Doesn't sound too hard but after looking back out our bank transactions. We spend around $60 or more in a two week period. OUCH
4th downgrading cable service. I already canceled Netfliks.
5th preplanning dinners so I'm not buying more than I need.

Those are my steps for now. If you can think of more feel free to suggest. Note quit smoking ain't happening!!!

After I get all settle with that I plan to start selling items. But I think I'll wait till around tax time so maybe I'll have more people interested in buying my crap.

I have not once worked out this week. Caffeine withdrawal is not fun but I'm at the point where maybe a good long walk will help with the pain in my head. I'm setting my timer. Go To Gym Tonight!!

So other than pick up a friend at the airport yesterday. All I have done the last couple days is read 6 books.

Book 3 & 4 of Dead End Dating series by Kimberly Raye. Paranormal series-funny not too steamy

And 4 books of the Dark Elves series by Jet Mykles. Hott very steamy erotica ;)

If you like lots of sex and aren't afraid of a little guy on guy action. You'll love Jet Mykles. Can't say anymore since I have to keep this PG in case my mother is reading (Hi Mom!). If you like Amish Romance do NOT read most of the erotica books I mention. Teehee I thoroughly enjoyed her series but I'm weird and kinky. That also has read way too many romance books. I'm starting to get unfazed by most romance.

Everyone thinks its cold today. I guess for some the 20's is very very cold. I was just happy to be ABLE to wear a sweater for once. :)

Yell at me later to go to the gym....

Monday, January 2, 2012

Cherry Chip Deliciousness

I managed today to clean my room, even vacuumed too. Add baking a cake and reading two books. That would equal to my last day of Christmas break. My husband shaved his two week Xmas leave beard. The beard reminds me of the good old days preArmy when he had is goatee. But now it appears that he's gone more days without it than with. How fast the time has flown by.

I have simply pleasures and Cherry Chip Cake is one of them. Growing up it was/is my mothers favorite cake. But finding this flavor of Betty Crocker deliciousness is harder and harder as the years have gone by. After placing a plea on Facebook to my Michigan friends begging for someone to find me some. My mother took pity on me and mailed me two boxes from her personal stash. Oh how I'll savor every bite.

The two books I read today was:
Summer in Eclispe Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz & Dead End Dating (bk1) by Kimberly Raye.

Summer in EB is the third book of this trilogy. Typical romance with some mystery. An enjoyable read but nothing spectacular to review.

DED was a very interesting and funny read. I throughly enjoyed myself and plan on reading the next three books as soon as I finish writing here. The story is about a vampire black sheep girl trying to make her own way in life away from her fathers copying company franchise. She starts her own match making service geared toward human and the vampire/other kind. Love love love modern day paranormal books. Especially the ones that make me LOL.

Looking forward to reading the next books but hopefully I don't stay up too late. Back to school tomorrow.... No more sleeping in :(. But I have the house to myself again. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Day One

With the start of a new blog I am also looking for a new start on my life. What better day to start than the start of a new year. My hope is by forcing myself to write my goals and fears down for the world to see. I will actually pressure myself into achieving those goals and maybe concurring my fears and insecurities. I will write about everything and anything. From books to music to crafts and cooking. Today I am outlining so goals for 2012. Note I will be taking Baby Steps.

Resolutions for 2012:
1. Loose 27 pounds
2. Survive Deployment #3
3. Get out of Debt
4. Start College

Goals for this week:
Work out at least 3 days this week
Talk to counselors about Riley(my 4 year old son)
Clean upstairs

Baby steps. I will succeed!
On another note today I read the second book to Christine Feehan's Sea Haven Series called Spirit Bound. I normally love any book by Mrs Feehan but this book and series have been hard to get thru. It's a spin off of her Drake Sister series which I did enjoy but now she is heading more into taming the tortured soul of trained assassins road. So pretty much it's same old same old.

Next book for tomorrow is Blood Rights by Kristen Painter.