Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm out of beer....

I have been suffering a Riley tantrum at least once everyday for over a week. I've already decided to go ahead and start medicating him for ADHD. But if this behavior keeps up, I'll be the one who needs to be medicated! Cause drinking a beer..or two then going to bed isn't cutting it plus I'm out and keep forgetting to buy more LOL. My husband should be home by the end of the week but to be honest it's not going to help with Riley's behavior. If anything it'll get worse because my husband doesn't like to fight with Riley and gives in to his demands. So then I'm fighting them both and getting no headway. At least I'll get some girl time in when Brian gets home. Hope the weather gets warmer so I can get back on my pouch and chill. Yes I am a glorified porch monkey. :)

I've stocked up in a bunch of books but now the urge to read is fading...time to craft! And by craft i mean im going to make some Valentines Day cards this weekend. Something I can get the kids involved in for at least a short time. Maybe I'll make some heart chocolates too.

I've been accused of having Mr. Darcy syndrome. Meaning I have no social skills with new people and have a hard time finding things to say. I don't know how to act. Im not shy by all means but I just don't do well with people I don't know and importantly trust. So I put a post on a FB Fort Bragg Wife page inviting people over to make valentines. See this is me trying to reach out and make friends. Now if I can follow thru and keep them is the real goal. I try so it's something.

Work out goals have been a fail...maybe when things calm down with Riley.

New goals this week-
Work out once this week???
File taxes
Clean garage
Organized closests
Remember to go to DeStress class on Friday
Prepare for making Valentines
Pray for more patience ..I have more than some but I'm reaching my limit.....

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  1. I know how you feel. I'm not so great at the making friends thing either. :( I've been here like eight years and I still don't have a single "good" friend. (My therapist says I need to work on building a support network.) Crafts are a great way of interacting! I hope you have a good turn out. :)