Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Instagram Fun!

Its always exciting when you figure out a new trick with your smart phone. I'm always "behind" on the latest tech. I figured out that one- my phone takes awesome pics of an already printed picture and second- you can take already taken photos and play with them in Instagram! Now I want to pull out my wedding photos and see how I can edit them. Maybe I'll actually get my scrapbook done haha!

Also on the happy side, the countdown is ON!! :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

30 sucks...

I have several friends turning 30 this year. I already made one bouquet but alas I had to mail it so I couldn't do anything this fancy. This is for another friend. Another take on the 30 sucks gag gift. I took a cheap plastic margarita glass and spray the top. Then using paper plates I "salted" the glass using Elmer's glue and white glitter. Then stamped out an orange stamp in lime green, cut in half for the "lime". I filled the glass with green sand trying for a frozen margarita look. Add the suckers and sign. A bow to complete the project and now I have a "sucky" margarita!!

The great hunt!

It's always a joy to come across your favorite pop when you live out of state!! I even found a new flavor of Faygo that I have never tried before. Ohhh Candy Apple, soo good. The comforts of home!! It's now Brian and I's favorite hobby. Jump on the bike and gas station hop looking for Faygo!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Almost there...

It's amAzing how life catches up with you. I suck at posting consistent posts. I'll try to post stuff that I've done in last couple months. The deployment nesting has begun. I'm ready to have my man home!